Click-Away Pound 2016

Feature Articles

Emerging Findings, March 2016

Early indications from the Click-Away Pound survey suggest that many websites still do not pay enough attention to the needs of their disabled users, and those users aren't happy.  Read the full article by Steve Brownlow

Rick Williams on the background to the Click-Away Pound survey

“For many years disabled people have experienced major barriers to the use of websites when shopping. The situation seems to be getting worse overall with little understanding or interest being shown by many website owners and developers.”  Read Rick's full article

Why is this research important to Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

“When we were approached by Freeney Williams to support their research into the "Click-Away Pound", we felt it was an incredibly compelling piece of work and we wanted to be involved.”  Read the full article from Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Why is this research important to Business Disability Forum?

“Business Disability Forum (BDF) is pleased to support our long-term Associate Rick Williams and Partner organisation, Enterprise Rent-A-Car in carrying out this valuable body of research.”  Read the full article from Business Disability Forum